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Dear Mad’m Day August 13th, 2011

July 21, 2011

Former Cabin Site
Klamath River View from Former Cabin Site

Happy Camp is celebrating a literary celebrity of our community. The book “Dear Mad’m” by Stella Patterson has brought many visitors to our community and encouraged many “senior citizens” to lead an adventurous life despite advancing years.

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce is planning the luncheon picnic to honor Stella Patterson and those still maintain the spirit she exemplifies today! The Luncheon will be held in the shade of the sycamore trees on the lawn of the Klamath River Resort Inn on the Klamath River, 2 miles east of Happy Camp.

Dear Mad’m Day will be Saturday, August 13th and the picnic luncheon for  $5 donation will be at 11:00 o”clock.  Sandwiches, ribs, jewel and fruit salads and specialty breads are planned, as well as Dolly’s Strawberry Lemonade and dessert.

We are so pleased that guests who have known Dear Mad’m from their time on the River, Peter and Liz who are writing a book to be published by Naturegraph on her life, and Hazel Davis Gendron who used her artistic talents for a drawing of Dear Mad’m and numerous other “Friends of “Stella” from near and far will be coming to the picnic luncheon.

Former Cabin Site

Klamath River View from Former Cabin Site

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